Transform 2019 Albania Journey to the North: Albania

“Transform 2019 ( is a unified effort around the Mediterranean to create momentum for the gospel by mobilizing people and training them in telling their personal God story.”

The heart behind this month-long outreach is for an intercultural team of young people to grow in discipleship and leadership, becoming more Kingdom-minded and like Jesus as we train and travel together, ministering in a variety of ways with different small local churches in northern Albania where there are very few evangelical Christians

As we learn how to follow Jesus more closely individually and as a team in this Journey, we will do various trainings or teachings to help in the areas of spiritual and leadership development and will also be practical by ministering in a variety of ways in three different locations in the north of Albania (Koplik, Bajram Curri) and a location possible in Kosovo for about a week at each place. We want to be a part of relevantly impacting each of the areas we go to, strengthening and encouraging local church leaders by helping in the areas of ministry where needed. Even though we are in each area a short time, we believe this time can have eternal impact! We desire to hear God’s voice and to know His heart for us, Albania, and how we are to be a part of His Kingdom work even after this month together!

The price quoted here does NOT include the costs of flights and travel insurance, but does include a $150 non refundable deposit.
Dates:Mon 08 Jul 2019 – Wed 31 Jul 2019
Apply by:Mon 20 May 2019
Cost:2,070 NZD (participants from New Zealand)
single people welcome married couples welcome sorry, no families groups welcome

Ministry Details

8th to 13th July 2019– central conference in Athens,Greece
13th July 2019 – travel from Athens to Durres, Albania
14th July 2019 to July 31 - Outreach in Albania

Possibly Ministry Opportunities

  • -creative activities with Albanian children and youth as they will be on holidays
  • -an evangelistic outreach in a town square
  • -practical work (possibly helping make a sports field)
  • -connecting and meeting with young people one-on-one or in groups to discuss the Bible and different topics
  • -sharing at Sunday services in local churches
  • -trainings and teachings within our group and regular Bible studies and prayer times together
  • -helping young people practice their English—whether in a classroom setting or in regular conversations
  • -opportunities to use music, drama, art or any number of creative ways to reach out to people! (Please feel free to use your talents and skills and to come with new ideas when on this outreach!)

Participant Profile

Participants must be adventurous and in good health and physically able to stand, bend, lift, walk, and do other physical activity as needed. Participants need to speak English moderately well, as that is the language we will be using within the group. Participants also will be traveling by local bus from location to location within Albania and Kosovo.


Participants will stay at our main conference site

For the outreach participants will be staying in various accommodation throughout your travel such as guest house, staying with Christian families, and at the local church.


All meals are provided. Not all dietary restrictions will be able to be met since we will be in remote areas of Albania and Kosovo and not near to big cities.


You need to book and pay for your own travel to Greece on the 8th of July, Greece to Albania on 13th of July will be included in your outreach cost. Flight cost from Albania back home on the 31st of July is not included.

“The conference will take place in the area of Athens,Greece. Detailed information about travel to the conference site will be given to you by your local OM office.”


Each participant is encouraged to have their own travel insurance and must notify us of any dietary or medical conditions so that we can make the necessary arrangements.


Please contact your local OM Office for information on Visa requirements. Participants will be traveling to both Albania and to Kosovo.


Total Cost for Outreach is 800 Euros. This includes transportation cost from Athens, Greece to Albania. As well as transportation cost within Albania and Kosovo. It also covers the cost to the airport in Tirana, Albania.

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