##FULL## Taste Discipleship May 2020: Japan

Jesus told us to make disciples. But what is a disciple? How do we become disciples? How do we make disciples? How can I live the same life as New Testament disciples?
During Taste Discipleship, a small group of participants will explore these questions as they live with missionaries in Japan.

Taste Discipleship is a 3-week discipleship training time in Miyagi prefecture, in the North East of Japan. Participants will receive teaching and training in things like power evangelism, leading someone to Jesus, starting long-term discipleship relationships, leading a fellowship of believers, etc. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to do evangelism in the local community, explore ministry gifting, and plan a short evangelistic trip by themselves.
All this will happen while they live with OM’ers in Japan.

The price quoted here does NOT include the costs of flights and travel insurance, but does include a $150 non refundable deposit.
Dates:Fri 15 May 2020 – Fri 05 Jun 2020
Apply by:Fri 28 Feb 2020
Cost:865 NZD (participants from New Zealand)
single people welcome married couples welcome families welcome groups welcome

Ministry Details

For details of ministry, please contact us! We’ll give you the info that we aren’t making available publicly at the moment.

The cost of running the program is 50,000JPY per adult.
This includes accommodation, food, transport and other costs related to the program.

However, we are aware that some participants cannot afford this amount, while others are able to contribute more. Therefore, we give participants the freedom to prayerfully decide how much they will contribute to the cost of running the program.

Participant Profile

Participants should be eager to make disciples and obey Jesus in every area of their lives and let go of comfort zones and compromises in their lives.


Participants will be living in the same house as the OM family leading the program, sharing in the responsibilities of housework. Participants will be sharing rooms.


Participants will cook and eat with the OM missionaries.
In case of special dietary needs, please inform us during the application process.


Participants should arrange their own flights and/or local transport to the OM missionaries’ house in Miyagi prefecture. Participants coming from a different time-zone are encouraged to arrive a day or two early to recover from jetlag.
If participants choose to fly to Sendai, the local travel will be quite simple.
If participants choose to fly to Tokyo, the OM team can assist in finding and booking a bus that is much more affordable than the Japanese bullet train.


Any expenses related to health issues in Japan will need to be covered by the participant.


Please contact the local OM Office for information on visa requirements, restrictions, etc.
Short term visitors from many countries can receive a 30 or 90-day visa on arrival in Japan.


Capacity: 3 men and 3 ladies
All participants will have a Skype interview with the organisers.
We are planning to have TASTE discipleship 3 times a year. If you are unable to attend this time, please come next time! :-)

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For more information about this opportunity contact us.

Ready to apply?

NZ Residents please contact us at info.nz@om.org.

People from other countries please contact your local OM office

All prices for short-term trips outside of New Zealand are listed in $NZ. Airfares and travel insurance extra.