Voices in the Wilderness 2019 Fall: Israel

To get to know and minister to local Israelis and travelling hikers, to share the Gospel.

Hike from Nazareth to Capernaum, walking the physical and spiritual steps of Jesus. As you walk this path, you will get to know the people of Israel in small villages, and step into their lives. Proclaim the Good News off the beaten path of tourism and Holy Sites.

The price quoted here does NOT include the costs of flights and travel insurance, but does include a $150 non refundable deposit.
Dates:Thu 31 Oct 2019 – Thu 07 Nov 2019
Apply by:Fri 20 Sep 2019
Cost:1,335 NZD (participants from New Zealand)
single people welcome married couples welcome families welcome groups welcome

Ministry Details

The goals of this ministry are to enhance and grow the participant’s spiritual walk with God, minister to travelers on the trail and in hostels, and learn about local Israeli people and share the Good News of the Gospel with them in the small villages. These outreaches may be defined with different activities, but some things that we may do include: servant evangelism (trash pick-up), conversations with people, open-air worship, and giving away New Testaments. The participants will be asked to talk to Israeli people, and ask them about their lives here in Israel. The villages in which we minister will be both Jewish and Arab.

Participant Profile

Participants should come with a desire to know the people of Israel from all walks of life and have a hope to see the Gospel shared among them.

Physically, participants should be in good physical health and be able to withstand the heat on a hiking trail. Although experience in a multi-day hike is not required, participants should have experience with the outdoors, camping, and hiking. Participants should be comfortable sleeping in a tent, missing showers, and being in nature and around animals. Participants should have knowledge of how their body withstands physical strain (pre-existing injuries, weak ankles, etc.) and be able to work around any of those issues. Participants need to be able to carry 35-45 lbs/15-20kg on their backs while hiking an average of 15 miles per day, often in direct sunlight.


Hostels in Nazareth and along the trail, as well as some nights camping outdoors


Food is included in the cost. Breakfast and lunch meals will be simple and be based on diets from markets along the trail – bread, fruit, vegetables, honey, nuts. Evening meals will take place in the villages as participants eat out in the small towns – shawarma, falafel, pizza, etc.


Participants will fly in to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel-Aviv and take a train to Haifa, then a bus to Nazareth.


Please see "Participants Profiles".


Usually, three-month tourist visa granted upon arrival to the country. For more details please look up this page: mfa.gov.il/MFA/ConsularServices/Pages/Visas.aspx


The exact hiking is 5 days 4 nights. The first day is arrival and rest. The second day is orientation and preparation. From the 3rd day-7th day are hiking days. And the last day is for departure.

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