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Gap Year & Training opportunities (1 to 2 years)

Has God been talking to you about sharing your faith with others?

Has He laid a particular people group or country on your heart?

Do you know that God is calling you to be a labourer in the fields that are ready to be harvested?

....and yet you are still at home, struggling to follow Him, because you just do not feel you have the knowledge, training, skills or practical experience needed to step out.

OM has 1-2 year training teams in many countries around the world. It’s a time for God to use exciting and challenging circumstances to refine our character and mould us to be more like Him. Each type of team offers training that provides a biblical foundation for personal growth and effective service.

View all OM’s Gap Year and Training options.


Use your profession or skills

builderIf you are qualified and willing to serve for any reasonable length of time in a specialized capacity, we have a place for you in many corners of the world. Try and surprise us with what you do and we'll surprise you with where we can use you.

Most of those joining in this way are more experienced and professionally qualified, but we still provide training, especially in language-learning and cross-cultural ministry. We're particularly looking for specialised staff in some of our offices and for church-planting and community development work in "restricted access"countries.

See the "Global Service" long-term options that are available on OM's International website.



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