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 Featured project: Freedom Challenge

Freedom ChallengeThere are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world—three out of four of them women. Eight hundred thousand people will be sex-trafficked this year; 80 per cent will be female and 50 per cent will be children.

The Freedom Challenge, an initiative of OM, is raising awareness and funds to combat slavery, exploitation and global trafficking. This event is symbolic of the climb victims face in the struggle for freedom. The climbers hope to create a global movement to transform the lives of women and children, break the cycle of poverty, and provide freedom from oppression and slavery.

The climbers were motivated by a passion to combat this worldwide oppression and help bring restoration to individuals and communities. With the funds raised from the climb, they hoped to impact 10,000 women and children worldwide by providing rescue and rehabilitation through skills training, micro-business and education.

Those who reached the summit trekked through the dark, early hours of 15 January. Upon reaching Uhuru (freedom) Peak, climber Holly Harris was struck by the symbolism of the journey and what it represented for millions of women and children in the world.

“I thought about the women involved in sexual slavery—the worst time for them is night. And the worst part of the climb was the summit; I just wanted to get through the night,” remembers Holly. “When light broke through and I could see what was left of the summit, it was phenomenal.”

Though the women have completed the climb, the effort of the Freedom Challenge does not end here. The funds raised will go to impact women and children worldwide through rescue and rehabilitation. They have identified ways to rescue and help with the rehabilitation and development of those who have been rescued.  They are also actively pursuing ways to prevent human trafficking from growing. To learn more about how to get involved, visit The Freedom Challenge website.