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God provides for the day-to-day and ministry needs of people on OM through the generous giving of partners around the world. Thank you for considering how you can be involved.

Give to a country or area

OM’s work in each country is dependent on God for financial resources to carry out ministry. God may be prompting you to see possibilities within OM to help support the ministry in a particular country or area. Look on our OM International website to see details of the places where we work, or contact us for more information.

Give to an OM worker or a family on OM

Most people on OM are not “employed” by the movement to do a job. They are voluntarily joining with a worldwide movement of other Christians with a similar vision and passion to work towards glorifying God through world missions.

Together we share the responsibility, not only of seeking the expansion of the Kingdom of God, but also for the provision of finance for our particular work. We’re not a company, we’re a “cause” and every member of OM commits their energy, ability, and the finance they can raise, to that cause.

If you would like to help someone on OM, your gift can help with the living and ministry expenses of any person on OM, no matter where in the world they are or which country they are sent from. We’ll look after sending the money to its intended destination, promptly and efficiently.

You can either specify who you would like the gift to go towards (any OM worker around the world), or designate your gift towards “under-supported worker”, and we will pass it on to the person/s who need it the most at that time.

The “$10/week Club”

What can you buy with $10 a week? For many of us that’s the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee or a takeaway meal. But for the same cost you could be supporting an OM missionary to take the Good News to the nations of the world. We invite you to partner with us by pledging to give $10/week towards one of OM NZ’s mission workers. You can sign up online (credit card giving) or send your donation via direct banking (details on right).

Dave and Hsiu-Ju Fern New Zealand Give online!
Cecy Tarrant New Zealand Give online!

Note: we are in the process of rolling out this facility to all of our overseas workers. If you don't see the name of one of our workers here, please contact us to give via an alternative method.

Give to a Project

You can help transform lives through a number of OM projects, reaching people around the world with the Gospel through literature, music, education, mercy ministries and more. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more, and we can help to identify a suitable project or individual for you to support.

How to give

  1. Cheque made out to OM New Zealand. You need only write a note on the back of the cheque or a separate piece of paper to say for whom the money is designated, your name, title and address.
  2. Automatic Payment through your bank: this is for people who are going to send in a set amount regularly. You can find the OM NZ bank account details on the right. We offer the facility of annual or six-monthly receipts to people on automatic payment. This saves both of us from dealing with a bunch of receipts!
  3. One-off payment through your bank using the details on the right.
  4. Credit Card: if you phone or post us your card details we can process 1-off or recurring donations on Visa/Mastercard — or use our $10/week club links above.

See more detailed information on where your money goes in OM. Please contact us if you want more detailed information on giving gifts.

Receipts/Tax Deductibility/Tax Credits

OM New Zealand issues general receipts for all donations. HOWEVER only certain donations to OM New Zealand are eligible for NZ Tax Credits (tax deductible). See here for more information.